What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate MarketingSimply put, an affiliate marketing program is any program in which you direct traffic to a program that will then pay you a commission on any sales they make.

For example, you build a simple blog on any topic with which you are familiar. You can then direct your traffic to Amazon, for example, where you will earn a percentage on any sales they make.

Some affiliate programs, like Amazon, require an approval process before allowing you to sell their products through their website, while others will let you copy and paste a link.
Typically, the better affiliate programs require an approval process, but the one notable exception is Clickbank.  

Clickbank has become the gold standard for affiliate programs over the years for a few reasons:  

You always get paid. Some programs are notoriously difficult to get your earnings from,  and of course, some unscrupulous individuals might promise a large commission then never deliver. Clickbank is different once you achieve their minimum threshold for payment, you will be paid regularly at the interval you specify.

Many vendors provide affiliate tools, and this, and this makes things so easy, especially for beginning affiliate marketers.  For example, some provide graphics, copy (although it is always preferable to create your own), email copy if you choose to build a mailing list, even social medial templates sometimes.

In a word, metrics.  Clickbank gives you upfront all the information you need to decide on which products you should promote.  It will tell you the popularity of each product, how much money you will earn per sale, whether it is recurring or one-time, and more.

If there are words and phrases that you don’t understand, don’t be embarrassed or worried.  Take your time and peruse this entire site and your questions will likely be answered.