10 Ways to Make Money From Home

We live in difficult times and they may be so for some time to come. If you are one who is lucky enough that you still have your job AND your income hasn’t dropped, then congratulations, you are among the lucky ones.

For the others, I have compiled a short list of things you can try to make some money while you are at home.

1. Keep track of, and reinvest your earnings.

So you make a few hundred dollars using one the listed methods, congratulations, for some people that’s the dream. If you can, be sure to reinvest that money. Now you have a few hundred dollars to invest in your next venture. If you need to spend that money on food or rent, by all means do so. But if you are fortunate enough to be able to reinvest in some other ideas presented here, that is ideal.

2. Sell Your Stuff

Sites like EBay seem to have fallen off the radar lately with the advent of Facebook groups and such, and that is unfortunate. EBay is free to list your items, so there is no financial risk. They do, however, take a substantial 10% selling fee including what you charge for shipping, so take that into consideration. EBay provides you with a worldwide marketplace who are specifically looking for what you are selling.

3. Consider Driving or delivering

Not my personal favourite because of the time commitment, but it does work. Rather than just sitting at home, consider driving for Uber or delivering for Skip the Dishes or some such service. If you happen to have a pleasant and comforting demeanor, the tips alone might make it worth it.

4. Pet Sitting

One of my personal favourites, but a little harder because of the prep work and the competition. A site such as will allow you to put up your ad and use their resources to sell your service. Depending on your area and your experience, there might be some competition. You will also need personal references, but you’re a nice person, that shouldn’t be a problem. The site is free to place an ad but they charge a percentage of your income, in my opinion, that’s fair. From there you could further advertise your service on Kijiiji or Facebook groups.

5. Be a Virtual Assistant.

Do you still have an “old-fashioned” PC? It would be a fairly simple matter to visit a site such as and see what sort of help people are looking for. Some fairly simple skills people are looking for there include data entry, content creation, social media help and bookkeeping. Of course, if you have a specialized skill such as web development, graphic design or WordPress, all the better.

6. Writing or photography

If you happen to have a knack for writing or photography, or even just a different or unique take on either, selling your talents would be a fairly simple matter. Many bloggers and other site creators such as myself are always looking for external contributions. Google constant content and just see how many sites there are that you can consider offering your work to. Most of them will allow you a free platform to offer your content then you get paid when an interested party purchases your work.

7 Flip websites

This involve a bit of a learning curve, maybe a little bit of coming out of your comfort zone… or maybe not.

Go to, do a domain lookup, try to find something not already in use or otherwise unique and interesting. Purchase a dot com domain. For example, “” then visit and sell it. Dotcom domains are like land, they’re not making anymore of them. There are probably hundreds of millions of domains in use, that makes them scarce, especially dot coms.


8. Turn your hobby into an income

What are you good at? Can you sew? Are your handy? Do you have a skill that people will either pay you to do something that they are unable to do themselves, our maybe you are good at sewing purses that people could buy from you, or art that inspires people enough that they say, “I must have this in my home”

9. Become a tutor

This is something that I know from experience, a good tutor is hard to find. The best part is that you don’t have to have been an excellent student. It is useful if you are organized, caring, and flexible. The best part is that technology allows you to tutor almost anyone anywhere as long as you familiarize yourself with the jurisdiction that the student is in.  Not to mention, you could make a troubled family very happy.

10. Offer your services on Facebook

Have you ever thought of just going onto a local Facebook group and simply asking if anyone needs help with something. There are many times that I would have paid someone just to help me with a task that took me a lot longer and a lot more hassle to do by myself.